As at 8th July 2019, full fees are as follows:

  • Before School Care:   $16.00

  • After School Care:  $29.00

  • Vacation Care:  $67

  • Pupil Free Day:  $67

late fee may be charged if you are late picking up your child.  The fee is $1 for every minute after 6.00pm.  This is payable in cash and is not eligible for Child Care Subsidy .  If you are late more than three times your child will be excluded from the centre.

How to pay

Fees are payable by the Debit Success Direct Debit System. Fees can be deducted from a Bank Account or Credit Card. Credit Card payments will incur a 2.35% charge. Debit Success forms can be found on the Forms and Vacation Care Programs page.

It is a requirement that fees are paid two weeks in advance.

Each child is only allowed 42 absences per year before CCS is affected and additional absences are charged at the full fee.

Child Care SUBSIDY

The Child Care Subsidy(CCS) was introduced in July 2018 and replaced the Child Care Rebate and Benefit. Parents may be entitled CCS which will reduce the amount of child care fees they need to pay. Parents will need to meet Three things determine a family’s level of Child Care Subsidy:

LOSCCI Fees Policy