Leeming Out of School Care Centre Incorporated (LOSCCI) is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated to providing quality service for families in the local community, requiring child care for their school aged children.

Educators at LOSCCI provide a warm, compassionate, secure, safe, stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere. To ensure each child’s sense of security and belonging, LOSCCI works with families to ensure a level of consistency between home life and the service. LOSCCI supports and treats all families with respect, courtesy and kindness. Through an open sharing of ideas, children develop respect for themselves, others and the environment. Educators endeavour to instil a sense of equity and fair play with a reasonable approach to discipline and the setting of fair and consistent guidelines. Positive reinforcement by educators is a key part of our service philosophy.

We acknowledge the importance of the diverse values and the cultural beliefs of our children, families, educators and the wider community in which we live, including those of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Respect for diversity is a strong part of the LOSCCI ethos and this is evident in the services programs and also reflected in our menu choices. LOSCCI values the individuality and uniqueness of each person, and celebrates the spectrum of gender, age, physical and intellectual diversity.

Our educators understand that both they themselves, and the children are continually learning and growing. We consistently reflect on both our practices and our understanding of children’s needs and interests, and use these reflections to improve aspects of our service. LOSCCI is committed to providing professional development opportunities for our educators to ensure continued improvement of both the service and each individual educator’s skills. Members of the LOSCCI community, including the centre’s families, are encouraged to be involved in decision making, policy reviews, programming, and quality assurance practices within the service.

The educational program is based on the “My Time, Our Place” framework. Through play based learning each child’s social, physical, intellectual and creative skills are encouraged and developed while their self-esteem and ability to interact with others is enhanced. LOSCCI educators engage children in planned and spontaneous experiences that promote learning. The children’s interests are the foundation of our program, and children are given the opportunity to make choices about the activities they wish to participate in. LOSCCI educators are committed to motivating children to strive and exceed expectations, develop their confidence, and promote independence.

While we understand the need for documentation, LOSCCI places greater importance on the development of relationships between children, educators, and the wider community.

At LOSCCI we believe in building secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with children and families. The benefits of these positive interactions are evident in all aspects of the service here at LOSCCI. The strong rapport and communication between educator’s and children will ensure each child learns valuable life skills in an environment that promotes fun.

Parent Handbook 2019